Resumption of activities

With great pleasure we inform you that from wednesday, June 3 the activities of Yogacara Isolalunga will start again, as we adapt to the Measures for Containment by Spread virus COVID-19. Most of the activities will take place outdoors, and in any case respecting the safety distances. Available to all members there will be gel and soap to sanitize hands, sprays to sanitize mats, a register to indicate the attendances.

We kindly ask you to:

  • arrive on time within 10 minutes before the start of the practice and enter one at a time
  • arrive with mask
  • arrive already dressed with clothes suitable to perform the practice
  • sanitize your hands at the entrance and exit and if you have to go to the bathroom with your own sanitizer or made available by the Center
  • immediately after the sanitization of the hands sign the attendance sheet made available at the entrance.
  • bring every time what you need for practice, in our case: a cloth to be spread over the mat, cover and/ or small pillow
  • ensure to sanitize the mat after practice
  • do not create gatherings at the arrival, at the exit, or within the various spaces of the Centre
  • stay at home in the presence of fever or other flu symptoms, suggestive of COVID-19
  • if it is not possible to travel by individual means, it is necessary to maintain the interpersonal distance on public transport, the mask must be used, it is recommended to
  • use disposable protective gloves or to clean/sanitise the hands before and after the use of public transport
  • never touch your eyes, nose and mouth with your hands
  • if there is an unexpected need to sneeze and/or cough, use a handkerchief avoiding contact of the hands with respiratory secretions; if you do not have a handkerchief, sneeze in the inner bend of the elbow
  • always drink from personal bottles or ask for a clean glass
  • throw any used tissue paper or other materials in containers immediately
  • do not touch objects and affixed signs
  • it is necessary to book the courses by e-mail, at least one day before the lesson by writing to or writing to Giorgia +39 3791211091. You may not be able to access the lessons without reservation
  • respect physical distance of 1 meter in the areas of passage (always wearing the mask) and 2 meters in the practice room
  • it is possible not to wear the mask during practice but it is necessary to wear it and before starting the activity and during any movements
  • all members (including teachers) attending the Centre, are required to comply with the aforementioned rules
  • all members who attend the Center, are required and to deliver to the Association a Self-certification, referring to the last 14 days, where it is declared: not to be subjected to the quarantine measure that is not to have tested positive for Covid 19, not to have symptoms related to infection with Covid 19, not to have been in contact with people with Covid 19. The form for the Self-certification will be delivered on the occasion of the first lesson.

Our wish is to maintain an environment where everyone can feel safe and where they can express themselves without fear. Human relationships are the essence of life and we will do our best to respect personal concerns and ensure freedom of movement.

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