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Yoga in practice and conscious living

‘yogacara’ is a Sanskrit word, which means the physical, mental and emotional balance, fruit of the practice of the principles and techniques of yoga.

In Italian language, ‘cara’ literally means ‘dear’, reminding us of the comfort that we can find in the Yoga practice.

Yoga means concentration, on the mat and on every other aspect of life. Yoga can’t be practiced for one hour only: it is a constant effort. Every moment is an opportunity to apply Yoga philosophy. 

How much focussed are we during the day? What can we do to be more present and live better? From these questions we conceived the Holistic Cultural Association Yogacara.

We created Yogacara Isolalunga, a yoga centre in nature, a workshops of ideas, a sustainable community and much more. We organise classes, workshops and seminars in our hub and in other centres to share Yoga teachings, to bring them in our daily lives and to live them joyfully.

“By effort and vigilance, by discipline and by self control, let the wise one make for himself an island which no flood can overwhelm.”

This island is inside each one of us, and we can create it,make it pretty and learn how to live in it thanks to our personal practice. We experience it in Isolalunga (which litterally means “long island)”, where many islands can come together and recharge.


Come visit us

Would you like to find out what we do? Would you like to join one of our seminars or a course? Would you like to organise a retreat in our space? Do you have ideas to share with us? Contact us and come visit us in Isolalunga. 

Where we are

Yogacara Isolalunga is immersed in nature in the countryside of Liguria, Italy, between Genova and Chiavari. Our land includes around 15 hectares including a garden with fruit trees, a growing organic vegetable garden and a forest. Everything is moving, we are always working to make the centre more welcoming, more functional, more in line with our projects. What will never change is the peace, the harmony that one breathes around here. Trying is believing.

  • addressvia Isolalunga 16, 16044 Monleone, Cicagna, Genova
  • ph. +39 3791211091

Yogacara, Holistic Cultural Association  – C.F. 02634570994 – President: Giorgia Boitano

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