The home of Yogacara is the center that we like to call Yogacara Isolalunga. This small corner of the Ligurian hinterland is a village of few houses and a lot of history. It is located between Genoa and Chiavari, a few km from Cicagna. The space includes about five hectares of garden with fruit trees and a growing organic vegetable garden, a small stream and a large forest of acacias and laurels.

We use this space for various activities: guided practices of hatha yoga, raja yoga, yoga nidra, meditation, dance therapy, art therapy, workshops of arts and crafts, work groups, sharing circles, community dinners and lunches, retreats and much more.

We have three rooms (and soon two more) where you can stop overnight to fully immerse yourself in the tranquility and the timeless rhythms of Isolalunga. 

If we haven’t already arranged a retreat, we can create a custom one for you. For questions, info, reservations and prices, just contact us by email or phone.

Everything is on the move, we are always working to make the center more welcoming, more functional, more tailored to our projects. What will never change is the peace, the harmony that you breathe in these parts. Try and see.

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