My name is Giorgia and I give voice to a project that I started together with my dad and with many friends, close and far. Everyone brings his own experience and his own ideas, we put everything on the table and we see what turns out. We are a big family, we share the willingness to do something good and to continue to grow together.



In 2014 I joined an introduction seminar  on Raja Yoga and I was won by the wisdom and simplicity of Yama and Nyama. Since that moment I silently started to practice and my life slowly changed.

I packed two university degrees in communication and the work experience as travel journalist and I leaved for good. A few years later, on the other side of the world, I stayed for a while in a yoga community in New Zealand, where I got in touch with yogis and yoginis from various traditions.

I attended the workshop Yoga for Women by Swami Karma Karuna, the seminar Transformational Yoga by Utkarsh Sanjanwala, student of Swami Vidyanand, and many Buddhist Meditation sessions by Gyalten Sengye.

I became Reiki II practitioner and learned other energetic therapies such as Theta Healing and Clendinning Technique, which I included in my meditation practices. I discovered within me an immense joy, and soon Joy was my nickname. 

I helped organising a few Yoga Festivals in New Zealand and Germany and I finally decided to leave for India. For four unforgettable months I lived in ashram in Mumbai and attended the 900h yoga teacher training in Raja Yoga at the Yoga Institute, founded by Sri Jogendraji back in 1918. Here I learned the practice and philosophy of yoga and I completely immersed myself in the sattvic way of life, which became part of me. I received the name Gauri, which means purity.

After the course, with the approval of my guru and spiritual mother Dr Hansaji Yogendra, director of the Instiyute and dauchter-in-law of the founder, I stayed longer to assist the next course and deepen teaching techniques. I joined a workshop in Chakra Psychology  by Dr. Atul V. Pednekar, which allowed me to integrate my practice with a deeper emotional and spiritual work.

Back in Italy, I explore my homeland with new eyes and I work with family and friends to create a space where we can share the yoga lifestyle and its benefits.

Every day I repeat the Karma Yoga mantra by Sri Yogendraji:

“A self development is possible only if you maintain a balanced state of mind all the time.”


Giorgio is my dad and since childhood he has never stopped doing, creating things, solving problems and expressing his inexhaustible creativity. He lives applying the Karma Yoga principles since forever, before knowing what it is. He naturally does it and he teaches me with his example. As a child he wanted to become an inventor and he chose the profession of the artisan. His best workmate is wood, but he collaborates with many other materials. In this photo is a grow-howse for our vegetable garden, built in less than an hour of creative ecstasy using a few pallets, two old doors and nets for olive trees collection. 


Maria is my aunt. Tireless worker, she faces every action with the same commitment and the same care. Be it transplanting tiny sprouts, collecting vegetables, rake leaves, sewing or washing the dishes, her love for doing things well doesn’t change. With her surprising craftsmanship and her infallible memory, she is keeper of ancient know-how and uses of the past. Her architect soul always let her see the project in its totality and  hold together all its threads without missing out on the details. We use to stop in the middle of the field, in the kitchen or on the stairs to chat, dream and then come back with our feet on he ground and our ideas a little clearer. In this photo she is completing a sewing marathon to transform old fabrics from mattresses in unique lab coats.


Betta is the most enthusiastic soul of Isolalunga. Being creative and practical at he same time, she jumps around with her magic stick and brings beauty everywhere she touches. She loves decorating, sometimes with her hands, sometimes with words or with a simple smile. When needed, she id very good at encouraging us, showing us what doesn’t work and where we can focus to improve. She has plenty of ideas and she always takes one out at the right time. She enjoys bringing forces together and creating teams. Her open mind, her unconditional caring and her sincerity keep us even tighter. From an afternoon of chats, the desire to create something good and her vast commitment is born the project Da Noi Per Voi, From Us To You. This photo is an example of her joy, surrounded by wool wads one day in the lab.


Sebi is our social spirit. He loves acting and watching movies, telling stories, making everyone comfortable and organising parties. Punctual and concise, he always remembers when is a good time to dine all together, gather for an aperitivo or a table soccer game. Someone should think about it, and he happily takes the responsibility. Even work is an opportunity to celebrate the importance of being part of a group and help each other. Friendship fascinates him and he quickly notices when you need a hug. His smiles melt like August sun and remind that sometimes words and thoughts are of no need. In this photo he is showing the first Christmas ball he created with wool during the lab Da Noi Per Voi, From Us To You.


Alba has been the first to live in our community of friends and keeps the burg of Isolalunga with her colourful flowers, her faithful four-legged friends Bella and Lucio and her ringing voice. She loves being at the stove and she always has something smelly boiling in her pot. With the delicious tomatoes from the garden and her flavoursome kitchen, she makes a finger-licking vegetarian ragout. She heartedly smiles and like a good grandma she takes care about everybody, from family to neighbours, from animals to plants. Morning and afternoon, she always has time for a chat. This picture was shot in a lab day as she came to remind the workers about the snack break and brought a sweet pie full of love.

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