Yogacara Workshop is the space where we develop ideas, and then we bring them into practice. Our first project is “Da Noi Per Voi”, “From Us To You”, born from the union of Art Therapy and Karma Yoga. It resumes all the values we share at Yogacara Isolalunga: personal development, active meditation, collaboration and mutual support, rediscovery of traditional knowledges, use of natural or recycled materials. The team is a group of friends, here’s how they introduce themselves:


We are a group of friends with different abilities who has the desire to work and make something beautiful. Supported by our families, we met Marta, Art therapist, and Giorgia, Yoga teacher, and we became craftsmen.  Art helps us to express our emotions, Yoga helps us to know ourselves and to focus to work better. In our workshop we learn many techniques, such as the modelling of wool and fabrics, weaving and hand print, using forgotten materials and ancient traditions. Each of us can discover his own attitudes and together we can craft many objects. We are like the pieces of a big puzzle, different but united to make our project “DA NOI PER VOI”, “FROM US TO YOU”.


We are Sebastian, Matteo, Annarita, Elisa, Karim. And who are you?

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